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Our online form allows you book and pay for a trades call-out easily and quickly

Simply fill out your details and pay the relevant call out charge, and a member of the 1Call team will make contact by 10am the next working day to confirm your appointment time. A call-out charge covers the first hour on-site. Our call-out charges are as follows:

  • Normal Hours (Monday - Friday 08.00 - 4.30pm) - £114.00+VAT
  • Premium Hours (Monday - Friday 4.30pm - 08.00am / Friday- Monday 4.30pm - 08.00am) - £132.00+VAT

Alternatively, if you require 24/7 emergency support, please make contact immediately here:

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The call-out charge covers up to 1 hour on-site. If a 2nd trades professional is required for Health & Safety requirements, the time on site will be charged additional. e.g. Roofing team. Expenses at cost e.g. parking. If materials are required these will be costed separately. Travel Out with the Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness areas there will be a charge of £20.00 per hour during normal hours and £30.00 per hour out with normal hours to cover travelling and fuel costs. Parking will be charged back at the exact rate.